Welcome to Momma Newey’s Makes

Hi! Welcome to my blog Momma Newey’s Makes!

My name is Chelsea and my wonderful husband is Miles. We have two lovely children which I’ll refer to them by their nicknames Mads and Bubby. I am what I like to call myself a hobbyist. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and I love to do thorough research, which you will notice from my posts. I do have a job other than hobbies, but I solidly believe in “leave the work at work.” I love to sew, bake, and garden. Now a blogger!



I think of each new hobby as a research project. I collect tons of data about the subject before I move to starting myself. Trust me when I say people have so much knowledge to share if you listen, or in my case read. I created this blog to share what I have gathered in my many hours/days of web searching and Facebook group stalking. Plus, I will share tips and tricks I have found in my experience.

Now, you’re probably wondering where the cooking come into this. No, it’s not another section on baking. As much as I would enjoy eating cookies for every meal. Yum! My husband Miles is a wonderful cook. Man, does he keep us well-fed, along with anyone else who ventures to our house for his exquisite meals. The best part is everyone, including myself, with his instructions can make these fantastic meals that even toddlers will devour. Including his to-die-for, made from scratch pizza. It really is not as hard or time consuming as it sounds, so check it out!

Since I love my family so much and they are the main reason I start any new hobby, I will be writing posts every-now-and-than about them. Honestly, if there is one type of blog I read the most is ones about children, because sometimes it seems I never have the right answers. So, come along with me as I make, bake, and eat with my littles!

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