I’m a Pretty Butterfly

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My daughter is starting to get to the age that she knows what she wants to be for Halloween and knows exactly how she wants it to be. This year she wanted to be a butterfly with mommy. Since I wanted to make sure her costume will be perfect, I decided to make my butterfly costume first!

Well it was a good thing I made mine first! Once in a while I come across a sewing project where I dream much larger than my skill and much more importantly larger than my busy life allows me to. This project was one of the, I wanted to have a gorgeous top with glorious wings attached and hand appliques wing designs. Unfortunately, family and work life got out of control!

Lesson I will pass on, even if you don’t have a ton of time or the outfit doesn’t turn out exactly how you imagined it, I can guarantee one thing it will look ten times better, last ten times longer, and be ten times cheaper than store bought costumes! No matter your skill, take a walk with us and get some inspiration! I want you to have fun this Halloween! Plus, I would love to see others butterfly costume makes!

Back to the butterfly costume. To start I got this gorgeous rayon spandex tie dye fabric from The Fab Clique (one of my favorite fabric shops)! I underestimated and got 1.5 yard when I needed 2 for full wing coverage front and back. SO I had to come up with a back up plan!

After digging around in my fabric stash for a while thinking as hard as I could how I could make this work. I ran across some of my faux stretch leather! I previously planned on using it for a pair of peg leggings a while back! I’ll need to order more, good thing some was JUST stocked at The Fab Clique! I decided to make it a Moth to butterfly costume!


Other items you will need for the wings:

  • Heavy Duty interfacing it can be fusible or not. I only could find nonfusible at my Joanns, but I could see the fusible being easier to work with.
  • 14 gauge wire, you can get this at home depot for $6 for 100 yards, look for galvinized wire in the picture hanging hardware. ( I previously had this from a witches hat All Hallows Eve that I tested, it is a free pattern released from Eunoia)!

I will say that now that I have made these wings and wanted to throw them and my sewing machine a couple times, I would suggest making detachable wings, they are more practical and you can take them on and off when you start smacking people in the face when you wear the costume!

How I designed attached wings:

I started with the tie back tank from Greenstyle, I picked this so I could have an open back look and show some black underneath. I also made pegs from Patterns for Pirates, which is a free pattern! I used black cotton lycra for both parts! Both very comfortable! If I designed detachable wings I could have a cool tie dye tank to wear other than Halloween!

I rolled out my heavy duty interfacing and laid the back pattern piece of the tank with the armcye (armhole) of the pattern toward the interfacing. I then traced my pattern edged on using a pencil and drew the wings I wanted out. Yes, I did lay on the floor on top of my wings before cutting to see if they were the right size!

I used my interfacing as a pattern piece to my leather and tie dye rayon spandex I was using to cover my wings. Add in seam allowance to the fabric from the interfacing pattern piece when you cut it.

Lay the right sides together of the front and back wing fabric and sew around the edges that wont attach to the tank. Turn right side out and iron. Slide the interfacing inside the wings, topstitch this will keep the interfacing in place.

Next step I had the most problems with getting the right shape, which is more my lack of patience and tiredness at the time. Unravel some of the wire and bend on edge over and tape so you won’t be poking yourself with the cut edge. Then mold the wire to the outside shape of the wings, fold the other edge as well and tape.

Slide the molded wire inside the wing next to the first top-stitch, then top-stitch again about 0.5 inch away from the first top-stitch. Make sure the wire stays between the two top-stitching, this is what will keep your wings shape!

Now to attach!

Sew the shoulders together, then when sewing the side seams put the inside wing edge between the layers, this will close any raw edges and enclose the wire and interfacing.

Attach the binding or bands like normal. Then sew the curve of the wing to the shoulder seam so the wings will stay upright!

Then BAM! you have a butterfly costume with attached wings! There wasn’t anything extra to the leggings other than the pegs pattern, I do like to make the high waisted version with elastic since it acts as a built-in shaper!

Now on to making my daughter’s costume!


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